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For many decades, Lascaux has been developing custom products in close collaboration with artists & designers.

Lascaux Effect colours

The latest product line "Lascaux effect colours" gives way to other dimensions in wall design. These iridescent, pearlescent and glimmery metallic effect colours are easy to apply and bring state-of-the-art high-tech pigments into every day life.
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Lascaux Metal
Produced with the same pure metal pigments, the Metal product line is of the same high quality standard as the Studio Bronze colour line. Available in 8 colour shades mixed with existent Studio Bronzes and 8 colour shades, where Studio Bronzes have been tinted with colour pigments additionally.

Lascaux Pearl*
With the iridescent Pearl product line Lascaux offers an extension to the assortment of Studio Bronze and Metals. The added mineral pigments are not susceptible to oxidation and therefore optimal for outdoor use. The surface is easy to clean and an application of varnish for protection is not necessary.

Lascaux Crystal*
This product line is based on the latest pigment technology. The iridescent and brilliant interference colour line comes along with an unrivaled colour intensity. Based on a pure acrylic resin binder system it is lightfast and water-resistant.

Effect of interference: Depending on the angle of view, two different colour hues are being perceived by the eye – a change from base colour to complementary colour – equal to the colour effect on butterfly wings.

*Lascaux Pearl and Crystal are available with different pure acrylic resin binders:
1 as acrylic colour
2 as acrylic colour with extended open time

Effect colours are available in 3 l and 5 l. Delivery times are:
- up to 10 litres approx. 5 working days
- over 10 litres approx. 10 working days or upon request.

The effect colours are designed for a prompt usage! Prices for effect colours on request.


Reference Objects «Custom Products»

4 2 1 3
Private house,
Zurich «Goldküste»
Cubano Café Bar,
Private house,
on the bank of
Lake Lucerne

Lascaux Artists' brushes
Lascaux Artists’ brushes are specially developed synthetic fibres, hard-wearing, tough and springy, with excellent shape permanence and a responsive paint loading and delivery capacity. These Artist brushes are available as bright, flat and round brushes as well as filbert brushes and in various sizes.

The wide Lascaux brushes
Lascaux Water colour brushes are made of synthetic fibres and offer the same quality features as Lascaux Artists’ brushes. Water colour brushes are available in 3 different sizes.

Lascaux Artists' brushes flat
The wide Lascaux brushes are made of Interlon synthetic dark-brown hair combination and available in 7 different sizes. These brushes are excellent to apply primer and for painting on large sufaces.

Lascaux Brush cleaner
The environmentally friendly and very effective Brush Cleaner removes acrylic and gouache gently and reliably.

Lascaux Sirius Palette
Lascaux Sirius Palette is a versatile, round, practical palette for artists, schools and art therapy. The palette is extremely light and therefore a pleasure to work with. Made of unbreakable polypropylene and dimensions of: diameter
170 mm, height 25 mm, 2 mm thick.

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